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Basildon Home Extensions

Do you require a home extension in Basildon? Do you need extra rooms or more space in your house? Does your present home no longer suit your needs? You do not have to force yourself to stay in a house that you have outgrown; however, you do not have to move out either. At Basildon builders, we offer the most suitable home extensions in Basildon to help you grow your living space according to your family and material needs.

We are a reputable construction company in Basildon, Essex that is committed to clients’ satisfaction. Constructing home extensions is one of our major areas of specialization. Helping homeowners extend their homes without any hassles is our forte. We have been serving families in Basildon, Essex for almost two decades

When you need extra rooms in your home, you do not have to move any longer; you only need to hire the right builder to extend your home appropriately. Home extensions have proven to be a cost-efficient way to maximize the space in your home. Home extensions transform structurally old homes into modern homes and also create more space that meets the need of the homeowners. It is more like building a new house on the same piece of land because the transformation that results from the extensions is significant and extraordinary.

However, it is essential to state that the builder you choose will determine your experience right from the start of the project to its commissioning that is why you should hire us. We may not be the cheapest builder in Basildon, but our quality is second to none. Your home deserves the best you can give it for your pleasure, and hiring the most qualified and experienced builder in Basildon will guarantee your pleasant experience. Only experienced builders can construct the home extensions that consider your current home and extend seamlessly.

We are the suitable builders for your Basildon home extensions. We have a profound experience, in-depth knowledge, certified builders and workmen, and the right procedures to get things done in the right way for best results.

Why Choose Basildon Builders for Your Home Extensions:

  1. The perfect extensions that integrate naturally with your current home
  2. Professionally and carefully executed project with rapt attention paid to every detail
  3. Cost efficiency and project execution at no hidden or extra charges
  4. Home extensions that do not compromise the structural integrity of the current home


Contact us today; we are the right builders for your project. Our quality is outstanding, and it speaks for itself. We promise only what we can deliver, and we assure you of the best experience you could ever look for in a home.